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FIDE Standard Vinyl Chess Set with 2 Extra Queens & Chess Bag (available in 17 Inches and 20 Inches)

FIDE Standard Vinyl Chess Set with 2 Extra Queens & Chess Bag (available in 17 Inches and 20 Inches)
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Sunday, 21 March 2021

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Chess Life Thinking : Recheck and confirm your decision of each move which will leads to win your game

Real Life Thinking : Recheck and confirm your decision of every task or activities or plan of your life to complete your work successfully.

Chess game helps you to train your mind to recheck and confirm about your future decision to achieve your main goals successfully

- Vittal Kulkarni

Play game by clicking on Play Game vs Online & Analyze & Play Game vs Computer & Analyze & save game by clicking on the tools option & save. Do self-analyze for about 4 to 5 times and find your mistakes , blunders, take your sufficient time & try to do self improvement. Self improvement is a quicker way to progress your game performance faster. Take help from engine when your Fide rating is above 2000 Elo.


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