How To Learn in


Please read this to improve your  chess skills in  a better way

1) Play game to know your level of your play and do analyze your game by clicking on "Play Game"

2) Watch Chess master's game by clicking on "Watch Live Master's Game

3) Click on "Solve tactics" to improve your playing skills, thinking ability to win game in a beautiful way or quickly or smart way

4) If you don't know how to solve tactics or if you are facing difficulties during solving tactics then don’t worry

5)Here you can learn solving tactics and getting beautiful ideas to solve tactics by clicking on “Learnings” drop down menu. Here you will get various types of tactics.

First see position and arrows to get idea and then read explanation of tactics to understand well.

6) If you want to test yourself, then you need another person to help to dictate to help you to set on your chess board, so to avoid seeing arrows (hints).

In this way you will improve your tactical skills , improve your game to next level to think number of future moves in depth and you will create beautiful ideas and games.

Enjoy playing, solving & learning tactics

Thank you

-Vittal Suresh Kulkarni

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