How to Solve Puzzles?

 1) Identify pattern of type of attack , type of checkmate , type of defense 

2) When your opponent attacks then try to do counter attack

3) Defending pieces is a last option and also learn to defend pieces  in a unique way

4) First look at Forcing moves , second - Check and Third - Threats

5) Moving serial way is a perfect way to solve tactics and also defending the position

6) Thinking accurate future moves  are most important to solve puzzles

7) List out  at candidate moves , then filter it to get best moves 

8) First make all possible moves then filter it and then think deeply to solve puzzles

9) Think from both side of the board to get solution correctly 

10) Sacrificing at right time is most important , so whenever you look at sacrificial moves then think future moves correctly,  confirm , recheck and move

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